Compromising custom AWS infra API [read/write access] from a clientId & clientSecret

How we got there

This was one of those times that i got an invitation and acted on it. The program (lets call it xboy) had a wide scope * I started doing subdomain enumeration.

findomain -t -o

I found a sub called On visiting one would get redirected to sso via javascript. Well well aint it the time for ctrl + u or view-source: to see how it was underneath i went for, searched a few terms and got a hit via clientId and clientSecret

after extracting the javascript and going through it i found out that the company relied on the "frontend" to check for permissions, this was being achieved by the following steps;

get jwt token from sso => decode token on the frontend => extract the permissions level => determine the capabilities of the given permissions => if user has no permission to access a page return a 403 page.

However this approach is heavily flawed; since we can call the api directly, the api doesn't check pemissions on the backend meaning any authenticated user could just do everything on the api.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Visit and see that we get redirected to sso
  2. Stop redirect by doing view-source: and go to
  3. Search for ClientId to get;
function(t){return e.apply(this,arguments)}}()},{key:"getBearer",value:function(){var e=Object(u.a)(o.mark((function e(t){return o.a.wrap((function(e){for(;;)switch({case 0:return,new w.a({clientId:"".concat("1337w3b4pp"),clientSecret:"".concat("sup3rs3cr3t"),tokenEndpoint:"",scopes:z}).credentials.doAuth().then((function(e){return e||""}))
  1. Base64 encode 1337w3b4pp:sup3rs3cr3t to get MTMzN3czYjRwcDpzdXAzcnMzY3IzdA==
  2. Make and capture (with a proxy like burp) a request to and send it to repeater
  3. Modify request to be;
POST /connect/token HTTP/2
Authorization: BASIC MTMzN3czYjRwcDpzdXAzcnMzY3IzdA==
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/110.0.5481.78 Safari/537.36
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 29

  1. Send request to get an access token i.e

Playing with the tokens

In the same javascript i was able to find several api endpoints that could be used with this token;

const v={apiUrl:"", accountsPath: apiUrl+"/accounts/all", accPath: apiUrl+"/accounts/[ID]", budgetsPath: apiUrl+"/budgets/all", budgetPath: apiUrl+"/budgets/[ID]", notificationsPath: apiUrl+"/notifications/all", notificationPath: apiUrl+"/notifications/[ID]"}

Attacker could

>-Read and Write available AWS resources

>-Obtain info on underlying infrastructure


This bug was initially uncovered on march, at first i couldn't escalate it as i wasn't properly reading the javascript to grasp things and i reported as a low, however the bug always bugged me.

During my earlier tests the root would always return a 403 ERROR even with the token which weirded me out and was one of the reasons i reported the bug as low believing the api was secure and i couldn't escalate it further

However a week (26/7/2023) ago i decided to look into it freshly, this time i had a considerable knowledge in javascript, so i went ahead and loaded the website and got the clientId and clientSecret

This time i did not test the api root only but also the path and when i did;

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer JWT_HERE"

returned a 403 error

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer JWT_HERE"

returned a 403 error

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer JWT_HERE"

returned a 200 Ok with a lot of json data.

// note the forward slash after accounts

now i tested all endpoints the proper way and i had full read/write access however i only did the read access but the write was implied in the token

i added a new comment on the original report with all the new info requesting retriaging and severity increase.

After a while i got awarded a €€€ bonus.

Takeaways I learnt

During my initial report i did report in good faith and the company accepted it as a low because their new there was a potential issue. I had expected somehow that the company would give insight into the issue a little more or help escalate however i learned this is a dream i needed to wake up from; no company (most) will help a hacker (bug hunter) escalate a potential issue, thats all you. I learned to always push further and from different angles, because if they had marked it as n/a i wold have been disappointed and probably wouldn't have hacked on it again to find the full potential.



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